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Creative Expression 

Sometimes with young children, they don’t always have the words to tell about what they are thinking or feeling but art gives them that outlet. At Doodle Bug, there is always a variety of opportunities for them to express themselves with open-ended creative expression throughout the day. From painting to play dough and everything in between!


There are also times when more structured art activities will be done. These activities have multiple steps and teach children to follow simple instructions to yield the desired result. These activities are designed for children to learn and to master basic but crucial fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills that will help set them up for writing later on.

Physical Literacy 

Physical Literacy is the mastering of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports skills that permit a child to read their environment and make appropriate decisions, allowing them to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations.


Children need to be able to play and to take risks, to understand how their bodies move in space and gain confidence in themselves. Here at Doodle Bug Learning Center, we encourage children to play and to explore what their body is capable of. We aim to spend as much time outside as possible, to splash in puddles, get dirty, build snow forts, go swimming. Our goal is to help each child to explore the world and through that, discover what they are capable of.

Early Literacy 


Fostering a love of books from a young age is just so important. Books take you places you could never go in real life. Books let you become an astronaut, princess, scientist or a race car driver. They let you travel through time to meet the dinosaurs and into outer space meet an alien. Kids aren't going to look back at their childhood and say "I wish I could have watched more tv". However, they will remember the first time they met James and his giant peach. When Charlie bought a chocolate bar and won the golden ticket or when Harry got his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts. They will look back and remember these stories and the loving people in their lives who spent the time to read to them.

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