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About Us

Doodle Bug Learning Center


Doodle Bug Learning Centre provides a caring and enriching environment for children to learn and grow. We base our practice around the arts, nature, physical literacy and the overall well-being of the children in our care. We create opportunities for children to explore and grow as their individual skills emerge. Our goal is that each child will grow to become confident learners and responsible, caring contributors to the world.


Doodle Bug Learning Center takes its influences from Montessori, Reggio, and Waldorf. You will see bits and pieces of all these philosophies in our classroom. We believe in a curriculum which is largely based on the children’s interests and planned to be developmentally appropriate for their age.  We believe in bringing nature inside and creating a natural play space for children to learn and grow.

Monday to Friday 

7:30 am to 4:30 pm


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